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Our Challenge

The Virgin River is one of the last naturally flowing rivers in the southwest United States, providing essential water resources for both people and wildlife. The river supports the water and recreation needs of several communities, including the cities of  St. George, Utah, and Mesquite, Nevada, both of which have had significant population growth in recent decades. The river, and its riparian corridor, is home for many plant and animal species  including several rare fish and bird species, while the surrounding watershed supports the threatened desert tortoise and numerous rare and endemic species.  The challenge is to keep the Virgin River corridor sustainable and accessible for generations to come.

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Preserve Our Beautiful River - Let’s Do It Together

Our purpose is to develop and initiate implementation of a cooperative, broad-based, integrated watershed plan that will improve the human benefits and ecological health of the Virgin River for future generations of residents, businesses, recreational users, farmers, and ranchers.

A thriving Lower Virgin River watershed that provides multiple benefits for people and nature, maintained and restored through public and private collaboration, from now and into the future.

Develop strategies, identify partnerships, facilitate implementation and evaluate progress to improve the human values and ecological health of the Virgin River for future generations of residents, businesses, recreational users, farmers and ranchers As an organization, the implementation of actions and the working relationships with people are inspired and guided by core values that make explicit the connection with the Lower Virgin River.

  • Integrity: Our relationship with community members, landowners, agencies, organizations, and nature is honest, sincere, fair, and consistent.
  • Strategic: Our work is planned and implemented to maximize the benefits of the Virgin River for people and nature.
  • Collaborative: We collaborate and seek common ground with stakeholders and partners to protect the values of the Virgin River for people and nature.
  • Enduring: The Coalition works to ensure that its actions, operations, and relationships are strong and enduring.


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