Join the Volunteer Movement: Building a Sustainable Future with the Virgin River Coalition

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Lower Virgin River lies not just a river, but a lifeline for our community. The Virgin River, with its beckoning waters and lush riparian corridors, serves as a vital ecosystem supporting diverse flora and fauna while providing recreational opportunities and sustenance to local residents. However, like many natural treasures, it faces threats from pollution, habitat degradation, and overuse. Fortunately, there’s an organization that cares – the Virgin River Coalition – a community-driven initiative dedicated to preserving and revitalizing this invaluable resource. Why Volunteer? Volunteering with the Virgin River Coalition isn’t just about cleaning

Nurturing the Land: The Vital Role of the Lower Virgin River in Alfalfa Farming

In the heart of the American Southwest, where the sun beats down relentlessly and the land thirsts for water, lies a lifeline for farmers: the Lower Virgin River. This river, winding through arid landscapes, holds immeasurable importance for the agricultural community, particularly in the cultivation of alfalfa. However, amidst its significance, the river presents a unique set of challenges that farmers must navigate to harness its potential fully. The Lifeblood of Alfalfa Cultivation: Alfalfa, often hailed as the “queen of forages,” serves as a cornerstone in livestock feed, boasting high protein content and nutrient density. Its cultivation requires a consistent